Round-up: Barack Obama’s India visit

(Links to some recent articles and columns on US President Barack Obama’s visit to India.)

The Power Club: answers to five questions on India’s chances of making it as a permanent member  to the UN Security Council
Will China spike the deal?

Even determined US leadership may not be able to get India in‘:
Interview with Dr Stewart Patrick of the Council on Foreign Relations 
Excluding India from the ‘high table’ makes no sense
Interview with Shashi Tharoor
Obama’s visit marks the end of India’s innocence

China is edgy about India’s rise as an East Asian power

‘Don’ be a pawn for US’:
Advice to India from Shen Dingli,  executive dean of the Institute of International Studies and the director of the Center for American Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai.
China ‘supports’ India’s enhanced role in the UN
Over here, Mr Obama, you can still win

Light a Diwali diya, Obama
Interview with Stephen P. Cohen, senior fellow at Brookings Institution
Obama won’t seek high-profile role in Kashmir‘: Interview with Lisa Curtis,  South Asia expert at the Heritage Foundation.

Related reading
Is India a tiger or a pussy-cat?
Politically immature Asia needs the US to stay engaged‘:
Interview with Simon SC Tay, chairman of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs

More on Barack Obama here


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